ASCEND Rehabilitation Collective exists as a group of likeminded healthcare professionals, to offer the highest quality health, fitness and rehabilitation services in physical environments that provide the opportunity for holistic care, integrative therapy, and lifestyle modifications.

We believe that optimized physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness occurs when knowledgeable and patient-centered professionals have access to the greatest variety of treatment methods available to them. We seek to prioritize the role of active rehabilitation within treatment plans, because strengthening and conditioning our bodies – for injury prevention or treatment – is an integral part of achieving holistic health.


To elevate people’s health and well-being by using knowledge, practices, and environments that promote holistic physical rehabilitation, leading to lifestyle improvement.


To offer the most progressive, integrative, and effective model of physical rehabilitation, and see people healthier as a result.  

“…a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body…”